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Return/Refund Policy

In order to reduce legal and financial risks of our company, we have created this policy, which also aims to prevent the illicit financing or money laundering.

The company has the right unilaterally to block the customer login to the private area, to suspend the trade activity on any accounts, cancel or deny any deposit/withdrawal action, if the source of money or activity of the customer contradicts to the Policy of money laundering and/or financing of terrorism.

The company doesn't cancel the performed commercial transactions, therefore the Company has the right to return the money to the sender if within a month from the moment of replenishment, on trading accounts it wasn't recorded any trade activity.

The company reserves the right of to use, in exceptional cases, any form of payment available for a refund. Although always has priority the payment method chosen by the customer to make deposits.

The company reserves the right to block the access to the private section, or freeze their balance, if the customer does not pay any amount due on their account, derived from fees for the use of a payment system, or other reasons.

The company will take all necessary measures to prevent money laundering, both input and output. Therefore the only person authorized to perform these operations, is the owner and responsible for the account.

The company reserves the right to use the terms of this document, without prior warning to the offending user, when occurs inappropriate behavior, inappropriate use of our services, or illegal or unfair intentions that in our opinion may damage the interests of the company.