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Anti-Money Laundering Policy

This document describes the policy and commitment of lowcostforex.com, for the detection and prevention of money laundering, which can finance terrorist or criminal groups inside the products and services offered to its customers.

"Money laundering" is defined as activities and transactions that seek to conceal the source of their funds, usually from fraud, organized crime, terrorism, etc.

These organizations try to place and hide the cash in various ways, such as buying and reselling goods, performing many small deposits in certain banks accounts, multiple transfers, false invoices, etc..All these actions have the sole purpose of camouflage and of complicate the monitoring of transactions, with the aim of reintroducing the money to the market and thereby legitimize the funds.

Adoption of measures

In lowcostforex.com, we aim to combat these illegal manoeuvres by taking all the necessary means of detection, while minimizing complications of procedures for genuine and legitimate customers.

For this we have our own solutions and the support of our technology suppliers, who have developed reliable detection systems that verify and store the information of all financial and commercial transactions.

Lowcostforex.com, it is obliged to report such suspicious transactions. Therefore, if you make a bad use of our services, you may face criminal prosecution because we are required to automatically report such behaviour to the appropriate authorities.

Therefore, in lowcostforex.com never going to accept a transaction in cash or other means of payment which are not available in our list of payment methods accepted. We also reserve the right to refuse or reject any transaction that may be considered suspicious. And to inform the relevant authorities without explicit knowledge of the client who may have issued the suspicious activity.

Regulatory Compliance

In lowcostforex.com, we are committed to regularly update and adapt our policies to the new international regulations in the fight against the seil legal activities. So as to train our employees to detect suspicious transactions, with the obligation to inform according to our internal rules.

Additional compliance for our customers

In all transactions, both input and output, the name of the sender or recipient, must completely match the registered user name, according to our records.

It is not necessary to contact us if you do not find your usual method of payment. Only they are accepted the payment methods that are shown in our website or user private section.