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About Us

LowCostForex is the project of a group of Forex professionals, experts in different areas such as trading, analisys, institutional relations and technical resources. By joining our experiences, we have managed to create a homogeneous team work, eager to advance that helps achieve greater successes to their customers.

Our main concern is to offer the best trading conditions for our clients, with low spreads, various types of accounts, and excellent runtimes. For this reason, we've decided locate our high-performance servers, as close as possible to the largest forex servers international network.

We want our customers to enjoy quality financial services. We strive every day to transmit safety of our customers perform their operations through the best and safest liquidity providers.

We want our customers choose us for being a broker, offering freedom to trade almost instantaneously with excellent execution time and good trading conditions .

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Summary of Services:
  • Products to trade

    We offer trading with more than 40 currency pairs, more than 10 indexes and metals.

  • Technical resources

    We use the fastest technology for executing orders. That ensuring a guaranteed introduction of your orders on the international markets, having low and competitive spreads. We offer you many opportunities for professional growth.

  • The best Trading Conditions

    All our customers must have at their disposal the best conditions to trading, regardless of the size of your deposit. Low spreads and commissions of the market, so you will only have to worry about the success of its strategy.